MANDALA DOT PAINTING KIT - $28.95 + postage
This is a Mandala Dot Painting Kit containing 6 quality wooden dotting tools and accessories for making beautiful dot paintings.

Ideal for beginners or as a gift for yourself! 


  • A set of 6 quality wooden dotting tools​ (including a fine stylus)

  • A 6" X 6' canvas board

  • 3 pieces 6" x 6" black card  (practice cards to make getting started easy!)

  • 1 white chalk pencil (for marking guidelines)

  • Step by Step guide 


This dot mandala kit is perfect for beginners. After running many Dot Mandala classes I developed this take home kit for my participants. 

Happy Painting! 


After testing and researching many different acrylic paints I have found the one that I prefer to use for dot mandalas is the DecoArt Americana range.

It was quite a challenge to find a supplier that offered a good range of colours but I found a company in Australia that has it and their prices are great too. I have signed up as an affiliate with them so if you purchase your paint by clicking the shop button below I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

This is a small business fueled by my passion to create, any income received generally gets funneled back into training and supplies so that I can then share my knowledge with you.

© 2018 Julie van Nispen

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